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Lupe Salazar


4707 Eigel St.

Houston, Texas

License Number : License not specified

Speciality : Residential Luxury Condos Townhouses

Experience : 0 Year

About Me

 Full time Realtor who has helped many buyers/sellers negotiate the purchase/selling of their home with the best terms. I am technology savvy and have strong background in customer service. I am ready to negotiate on your behalf.Houston native with a background in the theatre entertainment industry and hospitality industry. Come from parents who migrated from Puebla, Mexico and have two brothers. Grew up in the East End inside the loop, SE of downtown Houston.

Growing up my parents were low wage earners and had little or no education. Although one of my parents is illiterate both are hard working individuals who instilled in me the strongest work ethics and some of the most beyond price values. I started working since I was about 7 years old at corner store by helping to stock the store and ring up the register. Even helped my parents to clean the office buildings on the weekends when I was off from school. From an early age I knew I wanted something more than being janitors like my parents, I knew I wanted more. Today as a Realtor I feel like I have made my parents proud and that I continue to always pursue for the highest achievements.

I am an advocate for volunteering because growing up I remember living in one of the most poverty filled neighborhoods but experienced the kindest giving of strangers. My oldest brothers basketball coach would take his long van during the holidays and pickup the neighborhood kids and take them to a downtown hotel where we were fed in a fancy ballroom and ended the evening with lots of toys. I had the privilege along with my other two brothers to partake in that awesome event once. The following year my youngest brother and I tried getting in an overfilled van for the same event but because it was a full van the coach told us we couldnt go. The tears and cries that came out from my little brother and the heartbreaking walk we took home hit me so close to my heart that whenever I think about that experience I remember to give back every opportunity I can. I volunteer for the Houston Food Bank and have donated numerous times toys and food to the annual Christmas Eve Big Feast held at the George R. Brown Center in downtown Houston in December.

I enjoy traveling around the states and almost never have to leave the lone star state of Texas since it has a variety of places with tons of stuff to do. When I leave the states I like going on cruises with friends and I like to relax by the beach.

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